Dear fellow design-lover,

There are two very important lessons I’ve learned from over 15 years in interior design:

The first one you have a story to tell.

You’ve had a life full of special moments; whether they’re travel adventures, celebrations with loved-ones, sentimental occasions with those closest to you, or marked accomplishments that make you proud.

The second your home is YOUR space.

It’s where all of your life gets mixed in to give you a place of comfort, of refuge from the outside world, and a sense of your own history. It is a place to share conversations, to invite those who mean the most to you, to raise families and furry friends, or simply the place where you can always be YOU.

At Red Door Design, we work with you to share your personality and your life’s tale through a thoughtful, innovative and pleasing design for your home.

Together, we can create a space where you can share your story with everyone you welcome through your doors.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started telling your story!


Ann McCoy

Lead Designer/Owner


Ann is a Chicago native with a passion for photography, travel, philanthropy, and above all, residential interior design.

She created Red Door Design in the early 2000s and offers full-service interior design to home-owners in the Chicagoland area, Michigan, DC, New Hampshire, Portland OR, Florida and more.

Ann takes her experience in creating amazing interior designs and mixes it with your lifestyle and desires. Her passion is to ensure you have a home that reflects who you are and makes you proud to share it with your family and friends too.


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Your life has a story!
Tell it through your home’s design

If you’ve traveled around the world and have had wonderful, meaningful and sometimes life-changing adventures – incorporate the pieces you’ve gathered along the way into your home!

Do you collect hand-made artisan pottery from local fairs?

Love off-the-beaten path boutiques or studios and discovering works by local painters?

You never pass on a beautiful textile that speaks to the heritage of the place you’re visiting?

Red Door Design can help you incorporate all of those special pieces into your home.

Let’s connect to discover how your home can reflect you and your adventures!

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