In this age of information overload, filled with tastemakers and what’s trending, we can easily get caught up in the desire to have our homes look like everyone else’s. We want our spaces to look like a magazine cover or an Instagram feed. This is all well and good but, in the end, the result can be well…that your design is predictable.

Recently, I have really been pushing my clients to think outside the box to get in touch with their own personal style. This means connecting several of their life stories together in a design plan, which reveals their personalities as well as their loves in life. Is it travel? Is it family? Is it a hobby? Everyone has something in their story that makes them unique. That’s how we develop style.

I had the pleasure of working with a couple who were downsizing from a home they had owned for more than 25 years, to a spacious condo in their hometown. The trick was to take only the pieces they truly loved. Nine out of 10 times those pieces had a wonderful history, a story of how and where they were acquired, or they were sentimental gifts that stirred memories – too cherished to simply store in the scrapbook of the mind. This couple had a love of horses, the southwest, Native American arts and textiles, as well as antiques that they had inherited from their ancestors.

My design plan was to take their pieces and display them with a new color palette, and updated furniture that was either new or simply reupholstered. We also had to have the baby grand piano in the living room, as the wife was a concert pianist in her younger days. We also wanted to find an attractive way to show off their collection of Native American rugs, which had been acquired in the Southwest when they were newlyweds. I think the result is wonderful. A traditional yet updated and fresh space. By taking the stories of their lives, and their life together, we were able to tell their stories visually throughout their space and reflect their personal style.

And as a side note, this couple was in their mid-80s and they were such a delight to work with. So many great tales of adventure and wonderful life moments were told over coffee and peach pie. If you’re looking for help to hone-in on your personal style – to ensure that your home reflects the places, people, and items you love most – then let’s connect!

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We worked together to ensure items from their previous homes/chapters were seamlessly curated to fit their new one.